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Cold Shoulder Chapter Fifteen

            A week passed by, and Chabeli had yet to stop by. Maybe she didn’t hear about the kiss? I let the memories go; Sergio was in Valencia and probably didn’t even remember the kiss. I had barely left my bed all week. That was until Marco called and asked me to get coffee. At first, I was hesitant, but then I remembered who kind he was for taking me home. I caved and agreed to meet him in a couple hours.

            “You look tired.” He commented, lounging in the metal chair outside the café. Sitting on the table in front of him, were two large drinks. I dropped down into the seat and smiled. “How have you been?”

            “I am tired. I’ve been okay.” I shrugged, picking up my drink. He raised an eyebrow and smirked. “What?” I set my drink down. “I’ve been better, but I have been okay lately.”

            “Talked to Chabeli?”

            “No.” I said snappy. Marco chuckled and leaned forward. “I’m not going to talk her. We aren’t friends anymore. She hates me. I see no reason to.” Marco nodded and kept looking at me. “Stop doing that.” He smirked. “Seriously, I didn’t come here to talk about Chabeli.”

            “Alright.” He sat back.

            “How’s Sergio?” I asked slowly. Marco shook his head slightly and spun his mug around. “I mean, has he gotten to play?”

            “I didn’t come here to talk about Sergio.” He mocked, smirking.

            “Fine, what did you come here to talk about?” I finished off my coffee.

            “Well, I had planned on having a very nice coffee date and then I was going to ask you to dinner tonight.” I looked at him, surprised. “You honestly thought I was just going to ask you to just fun?” I shrugged and continued to just stare.

            “So, has he adjusted well?” I tried again.

            “Okay, forget dinner.” He threw his napkin down. “You know, at some point you’re going to have to get over Sergio. He’s in Valencia, not to mention dating your ex-best friend.” With that, he grabbed our mugs and walked inside the café.

            I was a little stunned. He was right. I didn’t stand a chance with Sergio before and especially not now. He was gone and Marco was here. The more I thought, the more I realized Marco was the better pick. He wasn’t famous, he was down to earth, clearly he was attractive, but that was all there was to Marco: looks. With Sergio, there was something more. But none of that mattered now. I tapped my nails on the metal table and tried to get my thoughts together.

            “I’m sorry I snapped like that.” Marco apologized, dragging his chair next to mine. I shook my head. “Yes, I shouldn’t have said those things. It’s going to take you longer than a week to move on.”

            “Let’s go to dinner tonight. Pick me up at like, seven. Just call me.” I kissed his cheek gently and hailed a taxi.

            The ride over to Chabeli’s was completely unnerving. What was I going to say? I probably should have thought about that before I arrived at her front door. I adjusted my purse and rang the doorbell.  She opened the door and just stood there. No one was better at giving cold shoulder than Chabeli. She clearly was not happy with me being here. She crossed her arms and waited.

            “Did you cut your hair?” I asked. Her hair was now just below her ears. She rolled her eyes and went to shut the door. “Wait, espera.” She stopped moving and looked at me. “Okay, so you heard about what happened.”

            “If you’re referring to when you made out with my boyfriend while I laid in pain—“

            “Oh whatever, that pain was self inflicted. You shouldn’t have been drinking.            “Adelita… you are unbelievable.”

            “Kissing Sergio was wrong, I know that. If I could take it back, I would.” I yelled before she slammed the door. Chabeli shook her head and laughed humorlessly. “I would. I feel bad. I came here to say I’m sorry, even though I knew you were going to hate me no matter what I said. I can tell you, I was drunk or that the kiss was nothing, but you would still wouldn’t talk to me.” She knew I was right, and I knew she knew. “Ok look, Sergio was a great guy—“

            “Don’t do this. You didn’t know him.”

            “Give it up, Chabeli!” I yelled. “I did know him, he was my friend too. I didn’t need to make out with him to know he was a good friend!”

            “I’m done…” Again, she moved to shut the door.

            “I am trying to fix our friendship. Sergio is gone; he’s not coming back for a long time. Yes, I messed up. But so have you. I think we should forget everything that’s happened and—“

            “And what? Just pretend like nothing happened? You loved my boyfriend, kissed him and now that’s he gone we’re just going to pick up where we left off? Stop lying to yourself. We aren’t friends.”

            “Are you serious?” With that, she shut the door.

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