2000th post!

Hello beautiful followers,

We’ve reached our 2000th post and to celebrate, we are writing a special Three Shot for you guys! We know the page has been slow lately and we’re very sorry about that, blame it on reality. But look out for the three shot soon! :)

Sara, Myrna & Feli

07 Apr 14 @ 10:48 pm  —  reblog
Long Time No See: part two (Siem de Jong)

I had this chapter already written for almost a week but I forgot to post it! :o It wasn’t until an interview with Siem on the Dutch television that I realised it.

Have fun reading and please send me some feedback! :)

xx Myrna

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31 Mar 14 @ 8:13 am  —  reblog
Long Time No See: part one (Siem De Jong)

I took a look at the list of requests and on there was Siem de Jong from Ajax. As I am from the Netherlands and I love Ajax, I decided to write this one. Right now it is a two-shot but there are possibilties of becoming a mini story. Please let me know what you all thing, I love the feedback I get.

x Myrna

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Never Stops Beating: Marc Bartra

Well after a month and playing “Gone, Gone, Gone” by Philip Philips 243 times, I’ve finished this one shot. I hope it was worth the wait. xx sara

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Heartbreaker: Thiago Alcántara

Hi everyone. As stated in the post before this one, I have the honour to be the new co-writer. I think I have said it too many times, but again; thank you so much for picking me.

I got the task to write the last Valentine’s request for the anon. It was the first time for me to ever write an one-shot based on a song, so I hope you like it!

The one-shot is about Thiago Alcántara and based on the song ‘How to be a Heartbreaker’ from Marina and the Diamonds (thanks for picking this song, I never heard of it but now I totally love it!)

When you readers want to know more about me, just ask and I will see what I can answer!

x Myrna


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And the new writer is…


Congrats Myrna and super-amazing thank you to every single one of you who emailed us and talked about joining. It was a really difficult decision! Keep your eyes out for Myrna’s posts, coming really soon! 

xx sara

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Our thoughts and prayers are with both of them. Stay strong.

09 Mar 14 @ 6:41 pm  —  via + org  —  reblog
Anonymous asked:

when are you guys going to pick the new writer?

I think I’ve said this before, but we’re close to deciding it. Sara and I both have to find a few minutes to really talk it through one more time, and then we’ll announce it. Probably sometime next week :)


09 Mar 14 @ 6:35 pm  —  reblog
Anonymous asked:

can you do a marco reus short story please?

Both of us are really busy at the moment with college and stories and just life in general, but we’ll add him to our lists :)


08 Mar 14 @ 4:08 pm  —  reblog
Anonymous asked:

Did you began with the alvaro sequil? I dont want to Bush you or,something just curieus :) x

Not really, no. Sorry :/ But you’re not bothering me in any way. On the contrary, actually! I sometimes need a reminder that I should get my lazy ass of off whatever I’m doing and stop neglecting Alvarito and Rose hahaha


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