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Anonymous asked: "Does Myrna do anything but one shots?"

At the moment I have mostly inspiration for one shots. And the mini story about Siem de Jong is currently on hiatus, but I am planning on writing on that also. It is just what my inspiration gives me and that is one shots at the moment as it is the easiest and quickest to write. We also have a lot of one shot requests we are filling right now.

xx Myrna

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Anonymous asked: "I thought this site would be busy after friday..."

We are trying a new idea where one of us posts something on Friday! So this past Friday was Myrna’s day, so she posted her Isco one shot. This upcoming Friday is my turn and I have the one shot in the queue already. Feli will post the following Friday and so on. We already have about 4 updates scheduled for posting!

So, check in each Friday and see what’s new :)

xx sara


And I would like to add to that, that I didn’t say it would be busy after Friday but that it would go back to activity.

xx Myrna

posted 4 days ago
Ice Ice Baby: Isco Alarcon

Hello there! As Sara already told, I just got my first real job of forty hours a week. So that is taking my time right now. But all those Ice Bucket Challenges from hot footballers, made my mind race and well… It ended up in this one shot. I hope you all like this and please leave feedback, comments, anything! xx Myrna

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Just a short message from us - well, at least from me - to tell you that we have found a way to get this blog back to activity starting from tomorrow (Friday) on!

So take a look at our blog tomorrow!

xx Myrna (also speaking for Feli and Sara!)

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Anonymous asked: "I really miss this blog"

I’m sorry to hear this! I know personally, I miss writing everyday like I used to, but life is not just allowing it right now. I’m busy with my senior year of college. I am writing every single chance I get, but I try really hard to make sure what I post is worth the wait and sometimes I’m just unsure. I hope that you all can understand that and just keep being patient with us. 

xx sara

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Anonymous asked: "I thought the point of adding a new writer was so that there would be somebody around to write and update stories?"

That was the purpose of it. However, I’ve just started my senior year of college, Myrna just got a new job, and Feli is also busy with college. We want to be around, writing and updating, but there’s only so many hours in the day. I’m sure that we find time once a routine is established, but until then, life comes first.

I am sorry that we can’t be here everyday or even every week updating. 

xx sara

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Birthday Wish : James Rodriguez

This took forever and I’m so sorry about that, but I’ve been crazy busy with uni and moving. I know the timeline is off, but let’s just pretend, okay? Enjoy! xx sara

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Anonymous asked: "Hi I was just wondering if I could have a link to all your imagine thanks"

We don’t imagines. If you mean our different writings, there’s links in the sidebar for the different types! :)

xx sara

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Anonymous asked: "Don't worry! It was amazing as always! But you should totally do a sequel is way to good!"

Thank youu

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Anonymous asked: "i hated and loved that ending i dont even know you guys confuse me. i need some air."

Uumm thank you? I think.. Take a deep breath now hahaha


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