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Anonymous asked: "can you please write a one shot about erik durm and i? or do you not do requests? (my name is mika btw)"

Unfortunately right now requests are closed. But when we open them back up please request! :)

xx sara

posted 23 hours ago
Let’s Take a Drive : Oscar Emboaba

Hey guys! Here’s a quick one shot I wrote while waiting for class to start the other day. I hope you guys enjoy it! xx sara

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Amnesia: Nuri Sahin - Part 1

So I was listening to the music of 5 Seconds of Summer and this is what came of it. I loosely based this one shot on “Amnesia”. Go listen that song! I think it fits this story perfectly and I really hope you all like this. x Myrna 

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No Matter What: Julian Draxler

Hey hey, guys! I really hope you like it, because I’m having my own doubts. But anyway, tell me what you thought! :) -Feli

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Anonymous asked: "Please guys, can you write another story about Miguel Veloso? I absolutely loved the one you wrote but it seems that nobody writes on this cutie one ... PLEEEEAAAAASE (puppy eyes :) ) Keep going on!"

I’ll definitely add him to the list! I loved writing that two shot! It is really hard to find writings about him so I’ll gladly accept the challenge ;) Thank you so much, I’m so happy you loved the writings! 

xx sara 

posted 2 weeks ago
Anonymous asked: "Why cant people here understand u guys have life? Like you are slowly coming back on track people should just be patient"

OMG. Finally! Thank you, anon, for understanding!

I mean, we try our best to post as much as we can, but sometimes life just gets in the way and we can’t. We’re sorry we’ve been away for so long, but we’re doing the best we can now to start a writing schedule, but it will take some time to organize and perfect before it’s 100% functional.

Again, thank you :)



(and I’m sure Myr & Sara, too)

posted 3 weeks ago
Fear of Falling Apart : Axel Witsel

Here is the requested Axel Witsel one shot that Rae requested a while ago. I hope you enjoy! It may become a two shot, I haven’t decided yet! xx sara

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Anonymous asked: "Does Myrna do anything but one shots?"

At the moment I have mostly inspiration for one shots. And the mini story about Siem de Jong is currently on hiatus, but I am planning on writing on that also. It is just what my inspiration gives me and that is one shots at the moment as it is the easiest and quickest to write. We also have a lot of one shot requests we are filling right now.

xx Myrna

posted 3 weeks ago
Anonymous asked: "I thought this site would be busy after friday..."

We are trying a new idea where one of us posts something on Friday! So this past Friday was Myrna’s day, so she posted her Isco one shot. This upcoming Friday is my turn and I have the one shot in the queue already. Feli will post the following Friday and so on. We already have about 4 updates scheduled for posting!

So, check in each Friday and see what’s new :)

xx sara


And I would like to add to that, that I didn’t say it would be busy after Friday but that it would go back to activity.

xx Myrna

posted 3 weeks ago
Ice Ice Baby: Isco Alarcon

Hello there! As Sara already told, I just got my first real job of forty hours a week. So that is taking my time right now. But all those Ice Bucket Challenges from hot footballers, made my mind race and well… It ended up in this one shot. I hope you all like this and please leave feedback, comments, anything! xx Myrna

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