Anonymous asked:

Is it possible to submit my one-shot, are you guys acepting it atm? :)

Yes, we are! Send it over and we’ll publish it right away :)


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Anonymous asked:

I read your Jasper fic and I loved it! Do you think you can write another short one, if it's not to much.. (:

Thank you! At the moment, we are not going to write about him again. It will be the list of requests first but if that is done, then yes. Then we can write about him again.

xx Myrna

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Happy Birthday: Iker Casillas

We’ve got a request to write a birthday one shot for Holly. I hope she will like this and of course, happy birthday from all of us!

x Myrna

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Anonymous asked:

Love mistakes so much!!! <3 When are you going to update?

Chapter 2 is scheduled for next thursday. Thank you so so much!! I’m really glad you all are liking it :D


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Anonymous asked:

mistakes is great!! i adore it (just pls make it bit more dramatic in next chapters)

Don’t worry, drama’s coming alright ;P thank you for reading!


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Anonymous asked:

ahhh loved the van persie fic!! please update soon ^_^

Thank you!!

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announcement about requests

Hello everybody.

We all hope you have been liking our writing so far. As you can see, everything is getting started again. That is also due to the requests we currently have. And we want to state something about that.

At the moment we have exactly 35 requests we have to do and we keep getting new ones. So from now on we will no longer take new requests until this list is done. This way we can focus also on the requests which we have for a long time already. Once the requests are open again, we will state this on our blog again.

Have fun reading and please let us know what you think of all the stories, because we love to receive feedback!

xx Feli, Sara and Myrna

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Mistakes 1: Robin van Persie

This is a new mini story. There’d been a request for a few RvP one shots, but I decided—and with a new idea I’d had—to do a mini instead. So tell me what you think! :) -Feli

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Anonymous asked:

Hey this is meredith and I loved my one shot!! Thank you!

I’m really glad you liked it, Meredith! :) thank you!


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Crazy In Love: Thibaut Courtois

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been so long; I’ve been kinda busy lately. Anyway, this one shot’s for Meredith. I hope you like it, love! -Feli

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